29 November 2005

eTel server hosting in Czech Republic

Two of our servers were down in the night! I called during the night to the hosting facility and they told me they are correcting it right now, but in the morning one of the servers was still down. From log files I discovered, that they were without the power during the night.

I called to their hotline in the morning and lady there did not even know, there was problem during night. Thats really crazy.
Later they told me that by accident their ups were down too and they were not able to say if this situation will not happed again.

I think I will move the servers to different company, GTS or Nextra.
eTel http://www.etel-group.com is basically really bad.

26 November 2005

So whats cool about Pipay?

Pipay is a user friendly mobile payment portal using premium SMS. It allows any user to receive or send premium SMS. Users can start receiving premium SMS and mobile payments SMS right after registration on the site.

Users can use Pipay to charge for access to their web pages, sell mobile content, create SMS games or create their own SMS products. Every user than get complete statistics about how many SMS was send and much money they will get. They don’t need technical knowledge or any other requirements to use Pipay. Registration is free for all.
Its really premium SMS for everybody this time.

24 November 2005

Pipay.cz press release

Hi all,

so finally we had a press release conference at Wednesday. It was at Louvre Cafe in the very centre of Prague.
About 12 journalists from different news and magazines came. They all were paying attention and had really clever questions, everybody got bottle of vine as a present at the end and I hope they will come next time too.

I will write about Pipay in next post, so you will know, what its about :-)
In case you are hungry, see an example what was for refreshment there, so you will come next time too ;-)

If you want to see what the next press release will be about, watch our mobile projects web site

20 November 2005

1th post

Hi all,

thanks that you have come to my blog. I hope that we all will have great time here.

You can expect the first "real" news at wednesday, when we have a press release conference about our payment service here in Prague.

I will inform you right after the Wireless Wednesday, which is a mobile event number 1 here in Prague each second month.