23 December 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Wirenode

19 December 2006

wap.lide.cz II

There was printed advertisement about wap.lide.cz included in all Telefonica O2 invoices. Everybody (more than 3000000 people) got very nice article about lide community portal.

Other news is, we released wap.lide.cz for Czech Vodafone Live! portal. While developing PML for Vodafone, we discovered several bugs in their PML implementation + their PML emulator ;-). But finally, it worked out. Thanks for help everybody.

10 December 2006

Mobile tariffs

In mobile world, data traffic can be still expensive, plus only few people understand data tariffs, difference between WAP APN and Internet APN and all this mess. Having unlimited data plan helps a lot, but when you travel abroad, you are in a tariffs hell again. Listen to this call, which is self explanatory.

06 December 2006


We have finished 1th mobile version of the Czech biggest community portal www.lide.cz last week. Mobile version is at URL wap.lide.cz. The whole system is based on our Babylon framework which takes care of the presentation part. Mobile portal is part of the O2 portal and next month, we will customize wap.lide.cz for Czech Vodafone and T-Mobile too. I will inform you more about user experience and other things later, but whats clear now, it will be the biggest community mobile portal in the Czech Republic.

08 October 2006

Content shop

I have seen this very nice content shop at the Amsterdam airport. You can buy there different content like music, movies, ringtones and audio books and pay it with your credit card. Unfortunately, my Treo 650 was not supported, but most phones and PDA were.

I think, that to place this kind of shop at the Airport makes sense, but I doubt that people are using it. We was thinking of creating this kind of shop in Prague using a PC and a lot of different cables for all phones, but I don think this kind of shop can pay for itself. I believe that future is online downloads rather than syncing with a computer.

30 September 2006

iDate 2006

I had visited internet dating conference held in Amsterdam in the beginning of the week. I had a opportunity to speak there about mobile technology (thanks Marc).

Topic of my presentation was Tips for coding a mobile dating site and my presentation was mostly about what all different thinks you have to have in mind when creating mobile site [download pdf]. In the beginning of my presentation I was speaking a little bit about mobile business and difference between mobile users and web users behavior. I will try to write a longer post about this later.

The event was a great experience for me and I had a chance to speak with major European dating sites owners. Its really surprising they don't have clear mobile strategy for their sites. It looks like mobile waters are not quite new to them, but they really don't know how to handle it. Their proven business model where man pay using a credit card for a month subscription is not very good for mobiles, but it looks like they are not willing to change it.

18 September 2006

Some photos from O2 partners day

Our yellow team. We finished the 2th.

Some zorbing, its actually fun.

Some more adrenaline.

Have you been sitting in this with your head up side down? :-)

An evening show.

Some more fun with head upside down.

We got some very usefull info.

08 September 2006

Telefonica O2 Czech Republic

At September 1st, Eurotel has become Telefónica O2. We don't have anymore home operator in the Czech Republic, all belongs to foreign companies. O2 come with massive marketing, billboards, newspapers and TV sports.

They arranged party for their partners too. It was an adrenaline day full of different attractions with big raut at the evening. We all had lot of fun and chance to speak with the O2 management and our concurrence in an informal way. Thanks a lot O2.

02 August 2006

Wirenode at Mont Blanc

Last week, Tomas Randus, who is my partner at Wirenode was traveling across Europe. He climbed up the Mont Blanc, which is the highest mountain in Europe.
He was sitting on top of it, smoking Havana cigar and of course, showing Wirenode flag :-). When he described us the climbing, its really not so easy, but to deliver our flag on Mont Blanc was a big challenge for him.
Good that he is back in Prague now.

01 August 2006

Google bot is Nokia 6820

Just recently, one of our mobile sites was scanned by Google bot. Everything is fine, but why Google bot is Nokia 6820?

User-agent: Nokia6820/2.0 (4.83) Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0 (compatible; Googlebot-Mobile/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)

I think that Google just use it because its quite popular phone. Good is, that we will serve it rich xhtml mobile version of pages. Google will not see our WAP version.

29 July 2006

Prague post article

In Prague Post newspapers was an article about Doschranky. This whole week, all Czech major magazines and internet sites wrote about it. After 1th week of run, we have learned new things and fixed some bugs too :-).

It looks like, people are really using it and the service is starting to be popular.

24 July 2006

The Paradox of Choice - Why More Is Less

I have just watched this video about why if people have more choices, they are not happier than with less choices and I have to agree with Mr. Schwartz.
The same happens when users have to choice from various mobile phone plans. In our country, we have only 3 different operators, each having from 6 to 12 different plans.
It’s almost impossible to figure out, which plan and which operator to choice. I believe, they are created the way, that it’s not possible to compare them. Its better to select one plan which looks good and simply not think about possibility that with some other plan you can save some money.

07 July 2006

Free emails

At doschranky.cz, we allow to send text you want to have printed on a postcard with e-mail. It did not look like a problem, until somebody got postcard with message: "Scanned with AVG, 0 viruses found."

The system is fully automatic, but now it looks like we will have to check all texts by hand. Antivirus software and some free emails adds various text at the end of each email.

I am trying to figure out, how to discover text not added by user, but manual check will be the best fix at least for now.

27 June 2006

Doschranky.cz mentioned in magazine

Doschranky.cz was mentioned in the Czech magazine Mlada Fronta dnes. The article is quite good, but miss some important points like that the service will work with all mobile operators in the Czech Republic etc...

I hope we will soon have more articles like this.

26 June 2006


Doschranky.cz is a project we are doing together with Czech Post.
It's a system for creating standard postcards from simple MMS message.

Users can make photos using their MMS enabled phone and send us the picture together with name, address and message they want to deliver. We will print the image and deliver it to specified address to any place around the world. If users doesn't have MMS handset, they can send us the picture with email or they can upload the picture to our site. All payments are made using Premium SMS.

This project is based on a fact, that Czech Post have some free capacity on their printing equipment. I think they will print the postcards during the night :-) and customer will get them the next day.

This service is independent on operators and works from abroad too, so users can send nice pictures from see or their mountains holidays.

Pity is, that only people with Czech SIM card can use the doschranky service. WE are working on the solution, that foreigners will be able to use it too.

Blogs to read #1

I am writing here a list of interresting blogs, which you might want to read from time to time.
All those blogs are mobile related, so I am trying to read them sometimes, because there is a lot of new ideas inside them, which we might do in Wirenode one day :-)


I hope you will enjoy them, if you know about some more, please let me know.

20 June 2006

New mail server

We finally have new mail server. Thanks to Czech company Cybersales , we are running latest mail technology based on Linux. Our mail server is powered by postfix, supports secure imap and pop3, spamassassin helps to get rid of spam and we use Fedora LDAP server for user accounts.
Now I can finally have a good sleep at night :-). If the new mail server will work at least as long as the old one, it would be great.

05 June 2006

Ad-subsidized calls on mobile

Virgin mobile announced free mobile calls, if you watch or listen to the advertisement before the call. (virgin free calls)

It looks like interesting concept and I am sure, that a lot of young people will like to use it. For mobile operators, it can be big a thread too, they are not used to sell advertisement space to third parties, plus revenues from such a channel is harder to predict than from calls. (We know, that people will call to each other in the future too)
But it definitely looks like good weapon againts Skype and free wi-fi calls.
In the Czech republic, one operator offered free SMS from internet, but 80 character long advertisement was included in the message. This service was not very popular, so I am looking forward to see, if free calls with advertisements will be something what customers wants and will accept.

01 June 2006

SMS Farm

We had finally created a SMS application, which use standard GPRS USB Wireless modem using Java.

We are ready now to send and receive standard SMS messages and do some mobile marketing and promotions independentrly on SMS agregators.
The modem cost about $250, which is not very cheap, but it only needs USB connection to work. Its hard to find mobile phone, which can be charged using USB only.

The Java library we use for our project is java smslib. (We have tried others too, but this one works ok.)
As soon as smslib will start to support WAP Push, we will do some mobile content promotions too.

29 May 2006

Mem 2006

I have visited MEM 2006 conference in London last week. I was at similar conference at Barcelona (3GSM) earlier this year and I have to say that MEM is its poorer brother.

MEM is a two days conference about mobile content. More than 1000 people came to Islington Business design center in London. ItÂ’s a very nice number, because entrance ticket cost about 499 pounds, which is not cheap.
What interesting one could see there? There were several very nice booths with mobile games from various genres. Mobile gambling was big topic this year too, gambling has now doors open in mobile entertainment and I believe, we will soon see mobile casinos in the Czech Republic too. You can play not only poor slot machines, but rich roulette or poker and pay it using your credit card directly from your mobile phone. Global SMS aggregators or mobile community portals with photo blogs had nice booths too.
If you are not sure, where to go next year, I would suggest going to 3GSM. ItÂ’s much bigger, with more attractions and new information. MEM is moving to Monte Carlo next year, so if you want to make a nice trip, you will be mostly welcome there.

08 April 2006

Linux session

Last wednesday, I was teaching Microsoft partners what is Linux. pretty interresting. MS is finally starting to learn what Lnux on Desktop can do.

I think Linux desktop will be pretty soon ready for SME.

24 January 2006

best treo freeware

I just got my Treo 650 back nad I have to reinstall all my applications. This is the list of my favourite freeware apps for Treo 650

Radio control - can turn radio off in the night and save the battery
ssh for Palm
Ledd off - will turn off the green light
Key shades - turn off light in the keyboard and save battery

If are using any other good app, please let me know.