26 June 2006


Doschranky.cz is a project we are doing together with Czech Post.
It's a system for creating standard postcards from simple MMS message.

Users can make photos using their MMS enabled phone and send us the picture together with name, address and message they want to deliver. We will print the image and deliver it to specified address to any place around the world. If users doesn't have MMS handset, they can send us the picture with email or they can upload the picture to our site. All payments are made using Premium SMS.

This project is based on a fact, that Czech Post have some free capacity on their printing equipment. I think they will print the postcards during the night :-) and customer will get them the next day.

This service is independent on operators and works from abroad too, so users can send nice pictures from see or their mountains holidays.

Pity is, that only people with Czech SIM card can use the doschranky service. WE are working on the solution, that foreigners will be able to use it too.

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