29 July 2006

Prague post article

In Prague Post newspapers was an article about Doschranky. This whole week, all Czech major magazines and internet sites wrote about it. After 1th week of run, we have learned new things and fixed some bugs too :-).

It looks like, people are really using it and the service is starting to be popular.

24 July 2006

The Paradox of Choice - Why More Is Less

I have just watched this video about why if people have more choices, they are not happier than with less choices and I have to agree with Mr. Schwartz.
The same happens when users have to choice from various mobile phone plans. In our country, we have only 3 different operators, each having from 6 to 12 different plans.
It’s almost impossible to figure out, which plan and which operator to choice. I believe, they are created the way, that it’s not possible to compare them. Its better to select one plan which looks good and simply not think about possibility that with some other plan you can save some money.

07 July 2006

Free emails

At doschranky.cz, we allow to send text you want to have printed on a postcard with e-mail. It did not look like a problem, until somebody got postcard with message: "Scanned with AVG, 0 viruses found."

The system is fully automatic, but now it looks like we will have to check all texts by hand. Antivirus software and some free emails adds various text at the end of each email.

I am trying to figure out, how to discover text not added by user, but manual check will be the best fix at least for now.