23 December 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Wirenode

19 December 2006

wap.lide.cz II

There was printed advertisement about wap.lide.cz included in all Telefonica O2 invoices. Everybody (more than 3000000 people) got very nice article about lide community portal.

Other news is, we released wap.lide.cz for Czech Vodafone Live! portal. While developing PML for Vodafone, we discovered several bugs in their PML implementation + their PML emulator ;-). But finally, it worked out. Thanks for help everybody.

10 December 2006

Mobile tariffs

In mobile world, data traffic can be still expensive, plus only few people understand data tariffs, difference between WAP APN and Internet APN and all this mess. Having unlimited data plan helps a lot, but when you travel abroad, you are in a tariffs hell again. Listen to this call, which is self explanatory.

06 December 2006


We have finished 1th mobile version of the Czech biggest community portal www.lide.cz last week. Mobile version is at URL wap.lide.cz. The whole system is based on our Babylon framework which takes care of the presentation part. Mobile portal is part of the O2 portal and next month, we will customize wap.lide.cz for Czech Vodafone and T-Mobile too. I will inform you more about user experience and other things later, but whats clear now, it will be the biggest community mobile portal in the Czech Republic.