11 December 2007

New version of our mobile page creator

Everything is done and we would like to introduce you the new version of our WEB 2.0 project. See screenshot bellow.
The most important changes are:
  • Better design which is more compact and more flexible
  • Improved RSS support
  • New wiki for documentation which is going to be filled in in a few days
  • Better iPhone layouts for all pages
And finally
  • New mobile portal at the address http://wirenode.mobi try it now from your mobile phone.
In the Wirenode.com platform, we now host about 2000 mobile pages. We believe, that all new changes will help new and and old users too.

Please let us know what do you think.

09 December 2007

Mobile Analytics waiting for Google?

Does anybody know about some nice Mobile Analytics solution, something like Google Analytics, but for mobile websites?

The solution should show these basic statistics:
  • Unique visitors per day/month/year
  • Page views per day/month/year and per visitor
  • Mobile phone types
  • Countries of visits
  • Mobile operators per country and wap or Internet APN
  • Referrers (not very well supported on older phones)
There are several attempts from Mobilestats, Amethon or Redboss (now Mliven), but non of them are really user friendly and open as it should be. To track mobile users using webalizer or awstats is not useful either, because two few IP addresses used, so there is no good mechanizm how to track unique visitors.

My personal opinion is, that there are no Mobile Analytics project simply because everybody is waiting on Google.
If you start this kind of project and Google will launch it one month later, you are doomed and you can maybe close your project if you don't find any value added services, which Google is not offering. I believe, that good solution could be premium (for example statistics about operators) and the whole project can be profitable next year (if Google will not do it).

So dear Google, when we can start looking forward your mobile version of analytics?

02 December 2007

Mobile friendly blogs at WapReview.com

WapReview have published nice article where it compares various methods how you can make your blog mobile = your readers will be able to read it from their mobile phones.

As you see, we don't have some features which other projects are offering. This is going to change quickly. We are testing new version of our platform right now. It will have new design, will fix some bugs and finally will support wirenode.mobi portal. The portal will be considered "stable" in next release and after a while, we will start promoting it. It will be the first portal, where if you don't have your mobile site, you could create it from scratch ;-).

04 November 2007

Silicon Valley (and TechCrunch 20)

These are some unsorted photos from my Silicon Valley trip with Petr Kral from Skillr.

See Lions at Fisherman Wharf.

At Accel Partners I had a chance to speak with Richard P. Wong who sits in Admob.com board of directors. Pity that they already cooperate with Volantis, one of our competitor.

Office of Tagged, the were sponsoring Lunch 2.0 and have very nice office.

San Francisco from a ship going to Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz Island.

Hotel rooms at Alcatraz are not very comfortable :-).

Japan garden in Golden Gate park. Pity you have to pay to enter it.

Classic Fireman's car.

University at Standford.

Fleet Week, where we saw Blue Angels, USA top pilots.

Crazy Burning Man party at San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge. From Fisherman Whaft it took us couple of hours to go there.

CalTrain, the train we used to travel around Silicon Valley. If you are an VC and never used it, here is how it looks from inside. Its quite comfortable and cheap travel.

See shelf on our way to Santa Cruz.

Crazy Santa Cruz decorated cars festival. This city is weird anyway ;-).

This 160 room house is an attraction in the Valley. I am glad we have real Castles in the Czech Republic ;-).

China town festival.

Unique skyscraper.

Me and Petr after a busy day.

A very long street in SF, one of many.

Golden Gate bridge.

TechCrunch 20/40 Wirenode stand in the DemoPit.

Classical burger restaurant.

Plug and Play Tech Center, where was another conference where i have been pitching.

Yes, its Guy Kawasaki. We had paid $20 to visit one of his speech. He is really good. This one was about how he started Truemors.

What is this? I can tell you it doesn't taste as one we have here.

Union Square in center of SF with many expensive shops. Those shops have some really nice clothes, but coat from Armani for $6000 was just too expensive for me ;-))

Old famous tram.

TechCrunch conference.

DemoPit at TechCrunch during the day.

16 October 2007

Lunch 2.0

Julie Sloane from Wired News wrote very nice report from Lunch 2.0 party at San Francisco last Friday.
What is cool, is that she mentioned Wirenode and my Silicon Valley trip in her article. Thank you Julie for that.
Lunch 2.0 was nice event, the Tagged office is really cool and shows how "investors money are spend" ;-). when I spoke with their CEO about their mobile version, he told me its not their priority at the moment. Looks like they have to compete very hard in the Internet space with MySpace and others right now.

12 October 2007

Two different widgets

We currently offer you two different widgets you can put on your blog to show others, that they can read it on their mobile phones. You already did it, right ? :-)


04 October 2007

Mobilize your blog in less than one minute

This week, we have released new cool feature. If you have your blog and want to allow your readers to read it from mobile phones, it is now really easy.

1. Go to www.wirenode.com.
2. Enter your blog URL in "Mobilize your blog" section on the main page.
3. Follow instructions and choose your domain.
4. Put promotional Widget to web version of your blog.
5. Done.

Try it, its really easy.

19 September 2007


Thanks everybody who stepped by at DemoPit at TechCrunch 40.

I have got quite a lot of interesting contacts to people, several VC's and angel investors.
I will start co contact them and hopefully getting meetings ;-), I will tell you how it goes.

11 September 2007

DemoPit at TechCrunch 20/40 conference

We will present our mobile web hosting platform at the TechCrunch 20/40 conference in the Demo Pit! During Tuesday 18th, you can visit there our table and I will give you live demonstration of what our platform can do.
I plan to stay at the Silicon Valley area for some time (about 4 weeks). If you would like to meet, please send me email at tomas.zeman@wirenode.com. I will be looking for partners or investors for our project there.

I am looking forward to see you there!
September 18th, DemoPit at TechCrunch 20/40 conference, San Francisco

03 September 2007

Nice article

Tony Dennis from the Inquirer have written nice article about what we are preparing. Thanks a lot Tony.

During last week, I have send email with beta account to several bloggers, who write about mobile technology. Well I think it's pity that only few of them were interested in what we do.

We are still tuning our system and we have renamed it a little bit to be less confusing.

So the main slogan is: Mobile web hosting.

If you need to create and host mobile web pages, static or dynamic (from RSS, etc..), we are building the tool and the platform to do it in a simple way for you.

30 July 2007

Private beta

We have released the first official private beta version of our new system. For you who don't know, we are now doing "Platform for mobile web". As the first step, we have released Ajax based tool, for creating static mobile pages. We plan to improve it a lot and add some cool dynamic features to it.

If you want to be our beta tester, please let me know (tomas.zeman [at] wirenode.com). We will provide you with an username and password and we will be looking forward all your comments.

13 July 2007


I had a chance to play with the iPhone for a while. Its really cool device, mostly for multimedia fans.
I have tried how our Rock for People page looks on it and if our new mobile page creator works in the iPhone Safari. It works! The browser in the phone is really amazing.

12 July 2007

Mobile web platform

News, news, news!

We are working on a mobile web platform already for some time and today, we decided to change our home page and put a teaser video, which shows one of part of our new platform (platform will have more part and features).
Visit www.wirenode.com and see the video for yourself. Soon, private beta will be announced and you will have possibility to test the mobile web creator for yourself. Don't forget to register your email on the home page.
We are looking forward your feedback. If you have any idea or suggestion or maybe some idea about cooperation, let us know!
The creation of mobile web pages just could not be easier.

05 July 2007

Device Anywhere

We have created mobile site for Czech famous concert - Rock for people. Mobile site is accessible at rfp.wirenode.mobi and it was created using our new mobile platform. I will write more about our new platform next week. We are finishing it right now.

For testing purposes, I have tried to use DeviceAnywhere and it works fine.

05 June 2007

Mobile Monday - Munich

I have been at Mobile Monday Demo Night at Munich yesterday. It was a one day trip with bus and train for me.
I have met there some really interesting people. Looks like Germany is not sleeping and they have there some nice start ups.
During the demo night, there were 16 mobile projects, which were presented. I was presenting www.mobiode.com. Some of the demos were absolutely crazy, some of them did not worked during the demonstration (Murphy's law) and some were useful only for small niche of the market (same as MobiOde which is not useful for everybody).
I am planning to visit MM London later this year and I hope we will have our new project finish by then, so we would be able to present it.

MM room


Gate to the old city centre

09 April 2007

Carnival of the Moblists 68

This week Carnival of the Moblists is hosted by

Always On Real-Time Access

I can only recommend to read it.
Thanks very much to Chetan Sharma, that he mentioned my article.

06 April 2007

Mobile users feedback needed

As number of mobile sites increase and operators are still attracting users to visit their portals, it is difficult to communicate with users visiting them. Mobile user usually doesn’t want to send you SMS with feedback while surfing the mobile web and sending en email for him is even more difficult.

If you are a mobile operator, you probably have all data from how users behave and who they are in a database. You can track them by their msisdn. But to get any useful information from all those data is not very easy and it requires some sophisticated data mining. Other think is that if you are a portal manager, you would need to ask your IT department for those data and that could take some time. But true is, if you got all those data, you than know all users customs, from when they woke up to what they like.

Its much harder to get some information about users for independent mobile portal, except what kind of mobile phone does user use, because you cannot track him by msisdn and cookies are not very well supported on mobile phones. It’s not recommended to use them.

Which choices do you have, if you want to ask your user some questions to get feedback?

In reality, not many. You can encourage your users to send you SMS and hope that they are willing to pay for it to send you feedback. Or you can create simple input field and put it into your portal so users will be able to input there some text. We were using this approach for some time, because we had some mobile services running for operators in the Czech Republic, which were quite obscure, but they have quite a lot of users. Pity for us was, that we never met those users and had no idea who they are. (We only know that they exist.)

As we started to have bigger need for some tool which would allows us to get feedback from users for a lot of different services and to be able to easy create questionnaires, we have created a mobile survey system, which can be used just for that purpose.

You can try it for yourself at www.mobiode.com , create a survey for your users and see how easy is to start getting feedback.

Its as easy as those three steps you see on the picture.

04 April 2007

New version of MobiOde is out

We have released new version of MobiOde survey system. There are several improvements inside. The biggest one is an actual subscription model, so finally we have a answer to your most common question, how much does it cost (see the price plan).

We would be happy if you try the service, the FREE model have almost full functionality to create working mobile survey.
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

We all hope you will like the service and it will be useful for you.
The whole Wirenode team.

25 March 2007

Mobile phones for March (by User Agent)

I post here statistics for mobile phone usage from more than 20 different services we are running with all three operators in the Czech Republic (Telefonica O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone).

I will post top 10 User Agents here every month, so you can see, how mobile phone market and mobile surfing is evolving here.
  1. Nokia6682
  2. Nokia6820
  3. SonyEricssonK750i
  4. Nokia6230i
  5. SonyEricssonJ220i
  6. Nokia2610
  7. SAMSUNG-SGH-X480/1.0
  8. Nokia6070
  9. SIE-ME75
  10. SonyEricssonK600i

(table shows top 10 mobile user agent from 20 different mobile services in the Czech Republic)

22 March 2007

MobiOde presentation

For all who are interested in mobile surveys, we have created a pdf presentation of MobiOde, where you can see how the system works.

Download presentation (pdf)

btw.: new version of MobiOde will be public soon, with new features and actual business model.

17 March 2007

Article about Fanerotica

Tony Dennis from the Inquirer have written a nice article about Fanerotica. The article is great and we like it very much.
I would only disagree, that its only for geeks. From the traffic we have at the service and response from players from the Czech Republic, not only geeks plays it (we know about severals girls playing the games too :-)). The article was translated to different languages, which is quite interesting. You can find these articles if you type Fanerotica to Google.

21 February 2007

Product brochures

We introduced several new projects at 3GSM. In case you don't have their marketing prospects, you can download them in pdf format.
If you would like to have more information about any product, please let us know.

16 February 2007

3GSM - the end

3GSM world congress has finished. I would like to thank all people who visited our stand. It was a pleasure for us to describe them what we do and what we offer and describe them our company. I hope with some of them we will be able to cooperate and they will use our services for them or their customers.
I would like to thank our team at the stand too. We all worked very hard and these were really
busy 4 days.
Now we will relax for 3 more days in Barcelona and on Sunday, we will return to Prague.

13 February 2007

3GSM day 2

It was a really good day today and good parties yesterday. That's the reason why I was not able to write the blog spot and put here pictures of our stand with posters and all the other things. During both days, mornings were not quite good, because there were not many people on the 1th floor of the hall 2. But both afternoons were really good and we hopefully have some new relationships and possible cooperation in the air. We have definitely met a lot of interesting people during both days.
I have not seen much from the conferences yet, except Yahoo mobile press conference, but I plan to use part of the mornings, which are not very busy for looking around other stands.
Here I post some pictures of our stand and some from the opening party featuring Jamelia.

11 February 2007

Tomorrow is the day

We arrived to Barcelona yesterday, got to the hotel and luckily, we have here free wi-fi. We all have to thank the unnamed guy ho has unsecured wi-fi spot here.

Today, we came to our stand and started to build it.

Tomorrow, I will send pictured of complete stand with posters on walls etc. :-)

Organization is fine and we have so far no problems. Only pity is, there is quite a few free space around the stand, it looks like some companies canceled their boots.

The whole adventure begins tomorrow at 9:00, so see you there at 2.1D85 or here if you are not coming.

Btw. Mobile surveys www.mobiode.com are up and running. Mobile video adventures www.fanerotica.com are up too and finally you can try our MMS Postcards for free if you will visit our stand.