23 January 2007


We are working hard as we can to finish everything for Barcelona.
We will actively present there three mobile products.
  • Mobile customer surveys
  • Mobile video adventures
  • MMS to postcard
Each project will have a web with information and of course mobile part.
We will have other cool projects with us too, so stay tuned, I will write about them more later.

12 January 2007

Sales representative

Last Dilbert series, where Dilbert is a sales engineer is really very funny.

This one is the best. Therefore we are trying to make our products self explanatory, very easy to use, with simple GUI, so that everybody can use them.

11 January 2007


We are going to have a stand at this year 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. This will probably be the biggest off country event for our company.
You are welcome to visit us at Hall 2 Level 1 (2.1D85), we are looking forward to meet you.
Next week, I will write more in details, about what we are going to present there. For now, we are still in a hurry to prepare everything for this event.