11 February 2007

Tomorrow is the day

We arrived to Barcelona yesterday, got to the hotel and luckily, we have here free wi-fi. We all have to thank the unnamed guy ho has unsecured wi-fi spot here.

Today, we came to our stand and started to build it.

Tomorrow, I will send pictured of complete stand with posters on walls etc. :-)

Organization is fine and we have so far no problems. Only pity is, there is quite a few free space around the stand, it looks like some companies canceled their boots.

The whole adventure begins tomorrow at 9:00, so see you there at 2.1D85 or here if you are not coming.

Btw. Mobile surveys www.mobiode.com are up and running. Mobile video adventures www.fanerotica.com are up too and finally you can try our MMS Postcards for free if you will visit our stand.

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