25 March 2007

Mobile phones for March (by User Agent)

I post here statistics for mobile phone usage from more than 20 different services we are running with all three operators in the Czech Republic (Telefonica O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone).

I will post top 10 User Agents here every month, so you can see, how mobile phone market and mobile surfing is evolving here.
  1. Nokia6682
  2. Nokia6820
  3. SonyEricssonK750i
  4. Nokia6230i
  5. SonyEricssonJ220i
  6. Nokia2610
  7. SAMSUNG-SGH-X480/1.0
  8. Nokia6070
  9. SIE-ME75
  10. SonyEricssonK600i

(table shows top 10 mobile user agent from 20 different mobile services in the Czech Republic)

22 March 2007

MobiOde presentation

For all who are interested in mobile surveys, we have created a pdf presentation of MobiOde, where you can see how the system works.

Download presentation (pdf)

btw.: new version of MobiOde will be public soon, with new features and actual business model.

17 March 2007

Article about Fanerotica

Tony Dennis from the Inquirer have written a nice article about Fanerotica. The article is great and we like it very much.
I would only disagree, that its only for geeks. From the traffic we have at the service and response from players from the Czech Republic, not only geeks plays it (we know about severals girls playing the games too :-)). The article was translated to different languages, which is quite interesting. You can find these articles if you type Fanerotica to Google.