25 March 2007

Mobile phones for March (by User Agent)

I post here statistics for mobile phone usage from more than 20 different services we are running with all three operators in the Czech Republic (Telefonica O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone).

I will post top 10 User Agents here every month, so you can see, how mobile phone market and mobile surfing is evolving here.
  1. Nokia6682
  2. Nokia6820
  3. SonyEricssonK750i
  4. Nokia6230i
  5. SonyEricssonJ220i
  6. Nokia2610
  7. SAMSUNG-SGH-X480/1.0
  8. Nokia6070
  9. SIE-ME75
  10. SonyEricssonK600i

(table shows top 10 mobile user agent from 20 different mobile services in the Czech Republic)


Kyk said...

2x K750i - double winner :)

Tomas Zeman said...

Thanks for info, I just made a correction. It should be SonyEricssonK600i

Alexa said...

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