06 April 2007

Mobile users feedback needed

As number of mobile sites increase and operators are still attracting users to visit their portals, it is difficult to communicate with users visiting them. Mobile user usually doesn’t want to send you SMS with feedback while surfing the mobile web and sending en email for him is even more difficult.

If you are a mobile operator, you probably have all data from how users behave and who they are in a database. You can track them by their msisdn. But to get any useful information from all those data is not very easy and it requires some sophisticated data mining. Other think is that if you are a portal manager, you would need to ask your IT department for those data and that could take some time. But true is, if you got all those data, you than know all users customs, from when they woke up to what they like.

Its much harder to get some information about users for independent mobile portal, except what kind of mobile phone does user use, because you cannot track him by msisdn and cookies are not very well supported on mobile phones. It’s not recommended to use them.

Which choices do you have, if you want to ask your user some questions to get feedback?

In reality, not many. You can encourage your users to send you SMS and hope that they are willing to pay for it to send you feedback. Or you can create simple input field and put it into your portal so users will be able to input there some text. We were using this approach for some time, because we had some mobile services running for operators in the Czech Republic, which were quite obscure, but they have quite a lot of users. Pity for us was, that we never met those users and had no idea who they are. (We only know that they exist.)

As we started to have bigger need for some tool which would allows us to get feedback from users for a lot of different services and to be able to easy create questionnaires, we have created a mobile survey system, which can be used just for that purpose.

You can try it for yourself at www.mobiode.com , create a survey for your users and see how easy is to start getting feedback.

Its as easy as those three steps you see on the picture.


lukas korinek said...

Nice apps, very useful for our clients in future.

Lukas Korinek

umnet.com, mobile your fun! said...

maybe it would be a solution for our site http://www.umnet.com. we are planning to transfer from web to mobile platform.