30 July 2007

Private beta

We have released the first official private beta version of our new system. For you who don't know, we are now doing "Platform for mobile web". As the first step, we have released Ajax based tool, for creating static mobile pages. We plan to improve it a lot and add some cool dynamic features to it.

If you want to be our beta tester, please let me know (tomas.zeman [at] wirenode.com). We will provide you with an username and password and we will be looking forward all your comments.

13 July 2007


I had a chance to play with the iPhone for a while. Its really cool device, mostly for multimedia fans.
I have tried how our Rock for People page looks on it and if our new mobile page creator works in the iPhone Safari. It works! The browser in the phone is really amazing.

12 July 2007

Mobile web platform

News, news, news!

We are working on a mobile web platform already for some time and today, we decided to change our home page and put a teaser video, which shows one of part of our new platform (platform will have more part and features).
Visit www.wirenode.com and see the video for yourself. Soon, private beta will be announced and you will have possibility to test the mobile web creator for yourself. Don't forget to register your email on the home page.
We are looking forward your feedback. If you have any idea or suggestion or maybe some idea about cooperation, let us know!
The creation of mobile web pages just could not be easier.

05 July 2007

Device Anywhere

We have created mobile site for Czech famous concert - Rock for people. Mobile site is accessible at rfp.wirenode.mobi and it was created using our new mobile platform. I will write more about our new platform next week. We are finishing it right now.

For testing purposes, I have tried to use DeviceAnywhere and it works fine.