30 July 2007

Private beta

We have released the first official private beta version of our new system. For you who don't know, we are now doing "Platform for mobile web". As the first step, we have released Ajax based tool, for creating static mobile pages. We plan to improve it a lot and add some cool dynamic features to it.

If you want to be our beta tester, please let me know (tomas.zeman [at] wirenode.com). We will provide you with an username and password and we will be looking forward all your comments.


Design for MySpace said...

When do you guys plan to make the transition from beta to actual product ?

Design for MySpace said...

A question for you thomas. Does this work with k750i ?

Tomas Zeman said...

We plan to release the final product during September.
The output will work on all mobile phones, so SE k750i will be supported.