16 October 2007

Lunch 2.0

Julie Sloane from Wired News wrote very nice report from Lunch 2.0 party at San Francisco last Friday.
What is cool, is that she mentioned Wirenode and my Silicon Valley trip in her article. Thank you Julie for that.
Lunch 2.0 was nice event, the Tagged office is really cool and shows how "investors money are spend" ;-). when I spoke with their CEO about their mobile version, he told me its not their priority at the moment. Looks like they have to compete very hard in the Internet space with MySpace and others right now.

12 October 2007

Two different widgets

We currently offer you two different widgets you can put on your blog to show others, that they can read it on their mobile phones. You already did it, right ? :-)


04 October 2007

Mobilize your blog in less than one minute

This week, we have released new cool feature. If you have your blog and want to allow your readers to read it from mobile phones, it is now really easy.

1. Go to www.wirenode.com.
2. Enter your blog URL in "Mobilize your blog" section on the main page.
3. Follow instructions and choose your domain.
4. Put promotional Widget to web version of your blog.
5. Done.

Try it, its really easy.