04 October 2007

Mobilize your blog in less than one minute

This week, we have released new cool feature. If you have your blog and want to allow your readers to read it from mobile phones, it is now really easy.

1. Go to www.wirenode.com.
2. Enter your blog URL in "Mobilize your blog" section on the main page.
3. Follow instructions and choose your domain.
4. Put promotional Widget to web version of your blog.
5. Done.

Try it, its really easy.


alan said...

I've tried this on a couple of my blogs today but when I put in a valid blog address and click on 'Mobilize it' - I get 'Please wait' and after I wait for 10 to 15 minutes I get nothing..

Tomas Zeman said...

Hi Alan,
please can you send me which blog did you try to mobilize? I will check, if it's ok or we have to fix some bug.

alan said...

Hi Tomas

Tried again just now and it is working ok. I can only guess that maybe my internet connection was a bit flaky yesterday when I tried? If I get the issue again I will email you

This is a great service you have created. I really like it!

first timer said...

i'm having trouble with a feed of some tagged bookmarks from del.icio.us.

i have used the widget to insert the feed, and it shows up fine, but when i click on any of the links, i get the following:

Content of the RSS reader are empty. Try to navigate to original page below.

* - Back
* - See original
* - See original mobile friendly


Wondering why the RSS reader is empty? My feed validates, but somehow the link seems to be getting corrupted. Anything I/you can do? Or is it an issue with del.icio.us?

Thx for any help.

tomas zeman said...

first timer: please can you send me mail with those RSS feeds? (tomas.zeman@wirenode.com)