04 November 2007

Silicon Valley (and TechCrunch 20)

These are some unsorted photos from my Silicon Valley trip with Petr Kral from Skillr.

See Lions at Fisherman Wharf.

At Accel Partners I had a chance to speak with Richard P. Wong who sits in Admob.com board of directors. Pity that they already cooperate with Volantis, one of our competitor.

Office of Tagged, the were sponsoring Lunch 2.0 and have very nice office.

San Francisco from a ship going to Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz Island.

Hotel rooms at Alcatraz are not very comfortable :-).

Japan garden in Golden Gate park. Pity you have to pay to enter it.

Classic Fireman's car.

University at Standford.

Fleet Week, where we saw Blue Angels, USA top pilots.

Crazy Burning Man party at San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge. From Fisherman Whaft it took us couple of hours to go there.

CalTrain, the train we used to travel around Silicon Valley. If you are an VC and never used it, here is how it looks from inside. Its quite comfortable and cheap travel.

See shelf on our way to Santa Cruz.

Crazy Santa Cruz decorated cars festival. This city is weird anyway ;-).

This 160 room house is an attraction in the Valley. I am glad we have real Castles in the Czech Republic ;-).

China town festival.

Unique skyscraper.

Me and Petr after a busy day.

A very long street in SF, one of many.

Golden Gate bridge.

TechCrunch 20/40 Wirenode stand in the DemoPit.

Classical burger restaurant.

Plug and Play Tech Center, where was another conference where i have been pitching.

Yes, its Guy Kawasaki. We had paid $20 to visit one of his speech. He is really good. This one was about how he started Truemors.

What is this? I can tell you it doesn't taste as one we have here.

Union Square in center of SF with many expensive shops. Those shops have some really nice clothes, but coat from Armani for $6000 was just too expensive for me ;-))

Old famous tram.

TechCrunch conference.

DemoPit at TechCrunch during the day.