11 December 2007

New version of our mobile page creator

Everything is done and we would like to introduce you the new version of our WEB 2.0 project. See screenshot bellow.
The most important changes are:
  • Better design which is more compact and more flexible
  • Improved RSS support
  • New wiki for documentation which is going to be filled in in a few days
  • Better iPhone layouts for all pages
And finally
  • New mobile portal at the address http://wirenode.mobi try it now from your mobile phone.
In the Wirenode.com platform, we now host about 2000 mobile pages. We believe, that all new changes will help new and and old users too.

Please let us know what do you think.

09 December 2007

Mobile Analytics waiting for Google?

Does anybody know about some nice Mobile Analytics solution, something like Google Analytics, but for mobile websites?

The solution should show these basic statistics:
  • Unique visitors per day/month/year
  • Page views per day/month/year and per visitor
  • Mobile phone types
  • Countries of visits
  • Mobile operators per country and wap or Internet APN
  • Referrers (not very well supported on older phones)
There are several attempts from Mobilestats, Amethon or Redboss (now Mliven), but non of them are really user friendly and open as it should be. To track mobile users using webalizer or awstats is not useful either, because two few IP addresses used, so there is no good mechanizm how to track unique visitors.

My personal opinion is, that there are no Mobile Analytics project simply because everybody is waiting on Google.
If you start this kind of project and Google will launch it one month later, you are doomed and you can maybe close your project if you don't find any value added services, which Google is not offering. I believe, that good solution could be premium (for example statistics about operators) and the whole project can be profitable next year (if Google will not do it).

So dear Google, when we can start looking forward your mobile version of analytics?

02 December 2007

Mobile friendly blogs at WapReview.com

WapReview have published nice article where it compares various methods how you can make your blog mobile = your readers will be able to read it from their mobile phones.

As you see, we don't have some features which other projects are offering. This is going to change quickly. We are testing new version of our platform right now. It will have new design, will fix some bugs and finally will support wirenode.mobi portal. The portal will be considered "stable" in next release and after a while, we will start promoting it. It will be the first portal, where if you don't have your mobile site, you could create it from scratch ;-).