09 December 2007

Mobile Analytics waiting for Google?

Does anybody know about some nice Mobile Analytics solution, something like Google Analytics, but for mobile websites?

The solution should show these basic statistics:
  • Unique visitors per day/month/year
  • Page views per day/month/year and per visitor
  • Mobile phone types
  • Countries of visits
  • Mobile operators per country and wap or Internet APN
  • Referrers (not very well supported on older phones)
There are several attempts from Mobilestats, Amethon or Redboss (now Mliven), but non of them are really user friendly and open as it should be. To track mobile users using webalizer or awstats is not useful either, because two few IP addresses used, so there is no good mechanizm how to track unique visitors.

My personal opinion is, that there are no Mobile Analytics project simply because everybody is waiting on Google.
If you start this kind of project and Google will launch it one month later, you are doomed and you can maybe close your project if you don't find any value added services, which Google is not offering. I believe, that good solution could be premium (for example statistics about operators) and the whole project can be profitable next year (if Google will not do it).

So dear Google, when we can start looking forward your mobile version of analytics?


Dean Collins said...

Hey Thomas,

I just came across your blog – was wondering what you felt was missing from the Amethon Mobile Analytics solution?

Is it just that it’s not free?

For those of you not familiar with www.Amethon.com check out


statistics provided includes:

• Bandwidth (total, average per visit, total per file type)

• Hits (average per visit, number of downloads, page view breakdown)

• Visits (entry page, average duration, click paths, referring search engine)

• Visitors (browser type, user agent, operating system)

• Handsets (make, model, screen resolution)

• Mobile Operator (country of origin, operator name)

• Geo Location (country of origin, RDNS lookup)

All of which are all pretty standard reporting points.....except that this is the worlds first application that can deliver this information for mobile specific browser traffic.


Dean Collins
USA Business Development
Amethon Solutions Pty Ltd
34 West 120th St, Suite 3,
New York, NY, 10027 USA
Phone: +1 646-240-4043

Roland Holmes said...

Bango has their Vision Product http://bango.com/services/serviceoptions/vision.aspx but I am on the Early Access program for the new Bango Analytics which is due for launch "Real Soon now". Its very very cool - but I would say so because they listened to my input!

tomas zeman said...

Hi, I will like to try the Bango analytics, looks like I have to wait for beta.

Greg Harris said...


Google Analytics for mobile - http://www.mobilytics.net

We are in beta and launching shortly.

With Mobilytics there is no need to install a server, or use a billing service like Bango (and pay $999 per month). Visit our site and request a beta invite.

Greg Harris, CEO

Mobile Visions, Inc

Anonymous said...

Just spotted this blog.
No need to wait.
Online demo, tracks all mobile phones accessing your website (old and new).
Been using it since June, cant recommend it enough.

Paul Peterson

Tomas Zeman said...

Paul Peterson: I have signed up, but still cannot use it, theya re not giving access to anybody.

Jakub Mach said...

Hi Tomas,

all you need is covered by MicroMedia solution WapZone. I am sure that you know it :-)

Anonymous said...

Bango Analytics is just getting the final coat of polish before launch. You should be able to sign up later this week. Just to correct an earlier point, it's actually free - you don't need to be using one of the Bango payment products to get analytics. Keep an eye on http://bangoserviceblog.wordpress.com for details (there are some teaser screen shots on there at the moment)

Anonymous said...

Bango Analytics now out at http://bango.com/analytics

Jon Kelly said...

As one of the posts mentioned above please check out our mobile analytics product http://www.mobilestats.co.uk.
This gives our customers the ability to track any type of website (.co.uk, .com etc AND EVEN .mobi sites) traffic but with a difference - all traffic can either be monitored on a conventional PC OR A MOBILE PHONE..

Imagine being able to track your traffic 24/7, anytime, anyplace anywhere - truly “Mobile” analytics- Your website traffic tracked in real-time via your mobile phone..

We offer a FREE 7 day trial - please visit http://www.mobilestats.co.uk

Peter Chen said...

WOW.. fantastics.. I will try it.. thx..

Alexandru Stanciu said...

Check out mobileweb stats and live traffic with geolocation:


This will soon be opened for public use.