10 January 2008

New home page

We have released new version of the Wirenode mobile internet platform yesterday.

We have fixed a lot of bugs since the last release, but the main difference you will probably notice is the new home page. We think that we improved it over the last one significantly. Its more clean, less confusing and tells what it needs to tell.

We have spend some nice time discussing how our home page should looks like. The main criteria was, that it needs to be simple, with few texts and visitor needs to understand what the site is about in reasonable amount of time.

We were looking what other popular web 2.0 system has on home page, here I will post some webs we were looking at.

Collaborative goals websites:
www.43things.com and superviva.com
Two same project, each with different home page. We prefer 43things home page, because its more simple and I think less confusing.

Web analytics websites:
crazyegg.com and www.clicktale.com
Two same project, different home page, but only a little different. We think Egg's home page is a little bit better.
I was thinking how to improve those last two home pages if I were in their shoes, but I did not have any brilliant idea how to do it.

If you can look at our new home page and write us some feedback or ideas how to improve it in the future, please let me know.

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