09 November 2008

Paradox of mobile CTR

I am reading the book about Mobile Advertising, the chapter about mobile and Internet Click Through Rate (CTR).

The author of the book writes, that CTR on mobile phones is higher than on the Internet and he is right. On the Internet, the CTR is about 1%, but on mobile (mobile portals), it can be from 3% to 6% CTR. I have personally seen it in different campaigns, as we have done more than 10 different mobile campaigns. Screenshots of some of them you can find at our "Mobilni marketing" page (still only in Czech).

The author argues, that higher CTR on mobile is because mobile is more engaging, but I have a different view.

I have two arguments, why CTR on mobile is higher than on Internet:
  1. On a typical mobile page, there are fewer links, because this, there is a bigger chance, user click on the advertisement.
  2. On mobile, its hard to "switch to different tab", so if user knows every outgoing link from the page, and he knows where they go (and don't want to go there), he automatically clicks on the new link (advertisement), because otherwise he would close the browser. Than he is lost, because from most of the landing pages, there is no way how to get back to the original portal.
The better the mobile browsers will be, the lower CTR we will see. Anyway, I hope we will soon see paying for CTR not for CPM. CPM on mobile is very expensive.

btw.: I would like to know, what is a CTR on some local search site, I can imagine, that in this case, if the ad is targeted well, the CTR can be more than 10%.

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