30 October 2009

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15 September 2009

Premium version of Wirenode

Finally! We have released premium version of Wirenode platform. The premium version offers to run the website on your own domain and your own ads on the mobile website and run SMS campaigns. We are preparing other features for the premium version like more sophisticated polls/surveys, Google mobile adsense, detailed statistics...

The price is Euro 15 per month.

There is also an individual package for marketing agencies.
In this release, there are some additional new features as well - you can now save the form widget results into Google docs.

We are also finishing testing of an affiliate program. If you want to know more about it, let us know.

08 August 2009

What is with Blyk?

I have just read some news about Blyk UK closing down this month. Some other posts (but with strange date) suggest that it is not closing down.

Does anyone knows whats going on? Was Blyk a success or now? Were they profitable? Will they continue somewhere else? Are they just merging with Orange?

In the Czech Republic, we have a service called Kvido, which allows you to speak free if you listen to ads. Its powered by Telefonica O2. The service looks like not to be very popular, because it has many restrictions.

If you know whats with Blyk, please let me know.

28 July 2009

Europe stops innovating in mobile

Robert Scoble writes about Europe no longer matters to lead position in mobile.

It's sad but its true. Mobile web and mobile Internet connection is started to be used by more and more people as mobile operators start to offer cheap flat fee tariffs ($8 per month flat fee from Vodafone for example).

But companies are adopting mobile web just too slowly.

I was just today talking to Skoda Auto about a mobile website. They have very nice normal website, but its not mobile friendly. Manager at Skoda get me telephone number to their marketing agency MediaCom. Manager in MediaCom, told me basically this:
Skoda Auto doesn't need mobile web because they have normal web and normal web is used by a lot of people and having it "twice" would be to complicated. I got a strong feeling she doesn't know what she is talking about, but she just tried to defend money they got from Skoda for running their normal website. I think that's her day job.

On other hand, there are some companies which understand that mobile friendly website version is a must for the future. Its a pleasure to work with those.

22 July 2009

Ostrich egg (update)

(update): Here it is (8hours old).

My father got an ostrich egg from one of his patients at the hospital. He was supposed to eat the egg, but he did not. He put the egg into the thermostat for 4 weeks and than into an old incubator. So now, small ostrich is getting out.
Prague Zoo told him, that if the ostrich gets out of the egg by himself, they will take it to the Zoo.

(photos from Treo 680)

14 July 2009

New version is out

New version of Wirenode platform is out.
We have completed the new design, so now even the part "after" the login is in the new design. We have also implemented some new functions :
  • QR code support, under Promotion tab, each website has its own QR code which you can download or print.
  • Better form & polls support under widgets, you can create any combination of form you like.
  • Custom colors (will blog about it later), but you can experiment with it under Change design menu in the editor.
  • Improved Features page.

11 July 2009

More games languages

We have released new language mutations of the Free Mobile Game site:
Handy Spiele for German language.

And some other languages:
http://ar.free-mobile-games.net for Arabic language
http://ru.free-mobile-games.net for Russian language
http://es.free-mobile-games.net for Spanish language
http://jp.free-mobile-games.net for Japan language
http://kr.free-mobile-games.net for Korea language

So the experiment continues ;-)

20 May 2009

Java games in the Czech language

Finally we have Czech version of Greystripe games thanks to Google translator
Java hry zdarma.

We are testing Google translator in some other projects as well.

17 May 2009

Mobile Marketing Conference Bucharest

I was presenting at Mobile Marketing Conference at Bucharest last week.

09 April 2009

Wirenode sponsors Prague Techcrunch meetup

Hi all,

this Saturday, there will be a Techcrunch party at Hergetova Cihelna in Prague. We starts at 2pm.
All people from the Czech IT startup community will be there.

18 March 2009

Free Mobile Games

Together with Greystripe, we have launched portal for Free Mobile Games. You can download them into your phone for free, only you will see a short advertisement after you start the game. This project is for us mostly a fun/test project, where we are testing various internet parameters ;-)
We were lucky to get this premium domain for this project. It looks like it was abandoned two years ago, but it was used by Virgin entertainment before that.

We welcome your comments on this game project.

10 February 2009


I'll be at 3GSM Barcelona next week. If you like to meet me there, please send me sms to +420 723 552 787

Looking forward to see you there.

Here you can read about some events there. If you know about some interesting event in the evening after the congress programme, please let me know.

08 February 2009

New Design

We have a new design for the public part of our web!

We are now finishing the texts and will be launching some new features. We are also working on a new branded version of our site for an UK customer.

If you have any comments or ideas about what we should improve, please let us know.