28 July 2009

Europe stops innovating in mobile

Robert Scoble writes about Europe no longer matters to lead position in mobile.

It's sad but its true. Mobile web and mobile Internet connection is started to be used by more and more people as mobile operators start to offer cheap flat fee tariffs ($8 per month flat fee from Vodafone for example).

But companies are adopting mobile web just too slowly.

I was just today talking to Skoda Auto about a mobile website. They have very nice normal website, but its not mobile friendly. Manager at Skoda get me telephone number to their marketing agency MediaCom. Manager in MediaCom, told me basically this:
Skoda Auto doesn't need mobile web because they have normal web and normal web is used by a lot of people and having it "twice" would be to complicated. I got a strong feeling she doesn't know what she is talking about, but she just tried to defend money they got from Skoda for running their normal website. I think that's her day job.

On other hand, there are some companies which understand that mobile friendly website version is a must for the future. Its a pleasure to work with those.

22 July 2009

Ostrich egg (update)

(update): Here it is (8hours old).

My father got an ostrich egg from one of his patients at the hospital. He was supposed to eat the egg, but he did not. He put the egg into the thermostat for 4 weeks and than into an old incubator. So now, small ostrich is getting out.
Prague Zoo told him, that if the ostrich gets out of the egg by himself, they will take it to the Zoo.

(photos from Treo 680)

14 July 2009

New version is out

New version of Wirenode platform is out.
We have completed the new design, so now even the part "after" the login is in the new design. We have also implemented some new functions :
  • QR code support, under Promotion tab, each website has its own QR code which you can download or print.
  • Better form & polls support under widgets, you can create any combination of form you like.
  • Custom colors (will blog about it later), but you can experiment with it under Change design menu in the editor.
  • Improved Features page.

11 July 2009

More games languages

We have released new language mutations of the Free Mobile Game site:
Handy Spiele for German language.

And some other languages:
http://ar.free-mobile-games.net for Arabic language
http://ru.free-mobile-games.net for Russian language
http://es.free-mobile-games.net for Spanish language
http://jp.free-mobile-games.net for Japan language
http://kr.free-mobile-games.net for Korea language

So the experiment continues ;-)