07 April 2010

Mobiode - new feature

We have  implemented cloning feature into our mobile polling platform Mobiode. If you create the same poll often with only small changes, you can clone the existing one under the new name instead of recreating the poll from the beginning and get crazy from copy &  paste.
We hope this new feature will save you some time. In Wirenode platform, this feature was implemented already some time ago.

Please let us know if you have any other ideas.

27 March 2010

Different text sizes feature

We have implemented the ability to have different font sizes on the mobile website, because the number of requests for this feature increased.

In the mobile editor, you are now able to select the text and than change its size. Four different sizes of text are available.

Medium is the standard size used. Small font size is useful for footer texts and large fonts are good for headlines.

This feature is available for both free and premium accounts.

28 January 2010

Short URLs in mobile marketing

Projects like bit.ly or su.pr or tinyurl.com are more and more popular there days. Big companies like Google (goo.gl), Facebook or Microsoft are creating their own.

Today, people use them on the internet, because its a easy way how to share links between people. They also provide some statistics, who clicked on those links.

I predict they will be hugely used in mobile marketing. Because SMS can be only 160 characters long, here is really a scarcity on characters.
SMS are one of the best ways how to get mobile website to target consumer, these short URLs will be placed in those messages.
In additional, there are really some cool stuff you can do with them in SMS from analytic perspective.