13 July 2011

Running the mobile website on your own domain

Because of the increasing number of questions about running created mobile website on your own domain, I will try to summary this topic.

Yes, its possible to run created mobile website on your own domain. You need to have premium version of any level for that.

You own the domain mybusiness.com and want to run mobile website on m.mybusiness.com

1. login to your DNS configuration system (usually the place where you bought the domain)
2. set an CNAME record for your domain m.mybusiness.com pointing to server: mpartners.wirenode.com
3. login to your Wirenode account, click on web settings and custom domain and add there your m.mybusiness.com domain

If you own the domain mybusiness.mobi (or want to run the website on 2nd level domain), in step 2, just set it as an A record pointing to IP address (instead of CNAME)

If you want tu run more websites under one domain with us, you can configure your CNAME as *.mybusiness.com pointing to our server and all subdomains will work.

In any case, if you have any question, please let me know.

30 May 2011

Twitter Reducing Noise side project

We have just released new version of our side project TweetPort.

It allows you to get the best content from your Twitter feed sorted by importance into your mailbox. Also on a simple trend page, you can check what is hot on the whole Twitter.
If you have any feedback or if you want invitation code to test it, please let us know.
If this project will help to reduce also your own noise, we will be happy, send is email.

18 February 2011

Server upgrade

Tomorrow morning European time we will be upgrading our servers.
We will try to minimize this upgrade time so all services will be functional as soon as possible.

11 February 2011

More pricing options

Hi all,

new features of the platform are under development, but some of them we have released this week.
The biggest change is new premium packages. There is now an option to have more mobile websites than 10. For you who have old premium package, the pricing is unchanged.

In next release, we will upgrade our Anypage mobile detection engine, so all potential bugs with new HTC & Windows 7 high resolution phones will be fixed.

We will inform you about news here on blog and I will also try to write more often here. We are working on some small side projects too which we will introduce shortly.